Tinnitus Lenire Therapy

Lenire Therapy is a non-invasive at-home medical intervention that helps alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus.

Lenire is medically certified device that delivers specific patterns of audio tones to your ears which aims to retrain your brain's response to the tinnitus sound. The aim is to provide relief from the discomfort and impact on daily life that tinnitus can cause.

Lenire therapy is non-invasive and is customised for each individual based on your tinnitus profile. The treatment can be used at home under the supervision of our team at Peter Byrom Audiology.

How does Lenire Therapy work?

Lenire is a small medical device that reduces the symptoms of tinnitus by combing electrical pulses to your tongue with sequences of sound tones, designed to stimulate your auditory system:

  • Your customised sound is played to you through Bluetooth headphones to activate your hearing nerve: the auditory nerve.
  • Then mild, safe pulses are delivered through the headphones, which reach the tip of your tongue and activate the nerves that run directly to the brain.
  • The activated nerves convert the sound and energy pulses into signals that are relayed to the brain.

Over a period of time, which is different for everyone, the signal patterns reduce and soothe the tinnitus and reduce any other uncomfortable side effects, making it easier to live with. 86% of people who have used Lenire Therapy to treat their Tinnitus have seen an improvement and 83% would recommend it to others*.

Peter Byrom Audiology - Certified Lenire Therapy Provider

Peter Byrom Audiology has been officially certified to provide Lenire Therapy and is the only provider between Scotland and Birmingham.

Book an appointment with one of our team, to discover how it could help you.

*Source: Lenire TENT Clinical. Trials:

Frequently Asked Questions

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