Lyric Hearing Aids


An invisible hearing solution!

Lyric Hearing Aids are positioned completely inside the ear canal and use the ear’s anatomy to help to provide natural sound quality and localisation cues. Lyric is known for being the first and only 100% invisible and extended-wear hearing aid available.

Their invisible presence makes them one of our most popular types of hearing aids.

  • The Lyric Hearing Aid is placed in your ear canal and remains completely out of sight and invisible to the world.
  • It provides an exceptionally clear, natural sound in various hearing environments regardless of your environment.
  • With extended wear technology, long lasting battery and moisture protection, Lyric Hearing Aids can be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for months at a time.
  • They can also be worn through daily activities such as exercising or even showering but you need to be careful and try to keep your ears dry.

The Phonak Roger Product Range

If one of our audiologists has recommended a Lyric Hearing Aid for you, sizing, fitting and programming of your new listening device, combined with counselling, will take approximately one hour.

  • Lyric Hearing Aids are programmed wirelessly using the Lyric3 Programming Wand via Phonak Target™ software.
  • Once Lyric is placed in your ear canal, users can control the volume and settings with the SoundLync™ adjustment tool.
  • Lyric Hearing Aids can be taken out and can be self-removed, if necessary.
    • o We will provide you with a removal tool integrated within the SoundLync™.
  • Lyric Hearing Aids can be worn while talking on any phone.

If you have any questions about Phonak’s products or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists, call 0114 419 1800 or click here to book online.

Frequently Asked Questions

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