FM Radio Systems

FM System Hearing Devices

Clarify Sound - Enhance your Hearing Aids

If you experience hearing loss or struggle to clearly understand speech in loud environments, such as restaurants, parties or other large gatherings, an FM system can help.

FM Systems are a wireless assistive hearing device that helps to enhance the effects of hearing aids or cochlear implants. In a noisy environment, your hearing aids will probably be working overtime to try and pick out the speech signal from the background noise, in which case an FM system will give your hearing aids a break and reduce your mental fatigue.

FM Systems can also help if you don’t wear hearing aids but have difficulties hearing over distance or in noisy environments. In this situation, the FM System can be positioned near or connected to a speech or sound source and transmitted to the person, to clarify the speech/sound and reduce background noise.

Think you could benefit from and FM System hearing device?

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The Lyric Hearing Aid is suitable for most people who are affected by hearing loss so contact us at Peter Byrom Audiology to discuss with our audiologists if it is right for you. Call 0114 419 1800 or click here to book online.

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