Lyric Hearing Aids Sheffield

Lyric Hearing Aids Sheffield

Want a discreet hearing aid? Only you will know it’s there!

Lyric is an amazing innovation which allows you to live your life while we look after your hearing. It is revolutionary in that it is disposable, just like disposable contact lenses, and it sits comfortably deep within the ear canal for eight weeks at a time. At that stage you just pop into the local clinic and have a new one fitted.

Complementary Trial

The Lyric Hearing Aids is available for a complimentary trial. Your appointment will include video-otoscopy, ear wax removal where required, a full history and examination, and a hearing test. Then the correct size of Lyric will be measured and a live device placed in both your ears. You will have two follow up appointments, the first one after one week, the second after a fortnight. At this stage you can decide to keep the lyric or choose not to have lyric.

Crisp Clear Sound

The lyric is an analogue device providing crisp clear sound.

Great performance in background noise

Due to the lyric lying deep within the ear canal, it can make better use of the natural directionality and  high frequency boost compared to normal hearing aids, this gives greater understanding of speech in those noisy situations like in a restaurant or at a social occasion.

Simple to use

Once it has been placed precisely in the ear canal you can forget all about your hearing loss and enjoy life to the full.


So comfortable you will forget you are  wearing hearing aids.

Tinnitus Relief

Many people gain a great deal of benefit from using hearing aids to help treat tinnitus.

Frequently asked questions

Can I take the lyric out by myself?  Yes, it is easy to remove.

How much is Lyric?  Lyric is available on a monthly subscription of £250.00. This is for 2 ears. Lyric is rarely fitted to only one ear, but where it is the monthly subscription is £125.00.

Can I turn it off for sleeping?  You can turn the lyric off, leave it on or set it to a low level specifically designed for night-time.

What about getting it wet in the shower or bath?  You can shower or bath with lyric in place, if you are a regular swimmer then custom swim plugs can be made to protect the devices.

How do I arrange a complimentary trial?  Complete the form opposite or call the office.

Can anyone use Lyric?  Lyric is not suitable for every ear or hearing loss, but the majority of people are able to trial Lyric without difficulty.

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