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Hearing Aid Fine Tuning In The Technological Age.

Do you have a hearing aid that just doesn’t quite work for you? Have you heard stories of hearing aids not sounding as they should and being left in drawers or on the mantelpiece instead of being used? Then read on.

Verification is a term used to describe a process of measuring a hearing aid to ensure that the output meets a prescription target. Real Ear Measures are a method of undertaking verification.

Peter Byrom has always advocated verification of hearing aid prescription with the use of Real Ear Measures. Research consistently shows that the results in terms of speech understanding are far superior to using a manufacturers suggested hearing aid settings.

Undertaking a Real Ear Measure involves placing athin silicone tube microphone into the ear canal and measuring the hearing aid output. The hearing aid can then be adjusted to meet the target for that specific ear AND hearing loss. This can be a fiddly and time consuming technique which is one of the reasons it is rarely performed in the majority of hearing aid provision.

The process however has now been made more accurate and faster than ever before through major investment and collaborative working between Phonak, a hearing aid manufacturer, and GN Otometrics, a supplier of hearing aid verification equipment.

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A recent real ear measurement.

The top dotted pink line indicates the loudest level to which the hearing aid should not go above. The thin solid pink line indicates the loudest sound of the hearing aid. The green, purple, and orange thick dashed lines are the targets for loud sounds, speech sounds, and soft sounds respectively. The thin solid lines are the real measured output of the hearing aid. A good fit!
Shaded areas show that the whole speech spectrum is covered by the output of the hearing aid

Real Ear Measurement equipment in use.

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