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Peter Byrom is an Audiologist who specialises in a range of Audiology therapy, and is also a professional Hearing Aid Dispenser, who is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. So should you require a hearing aid and be based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Peter Byrom has all of your needs covered. He is registered with the British Association of Audiology Technicians (BAAT) and his vast experience covers training in NHS clinics at Barnsley, Sheffield Children’s and The Royal Hallamshire Hospitals in Sheffield. Contact Peter Byrom Today.

About Peter Byrom - Audiologist and Hearing Aid Dispenser

With a range of experience as a Hearing Aid Dispenser, he has also had a certificate in Audiology at Nottingham University, and then went on to complete a Diploma in Healthcare and Bachelor of Healthcare Science degree at the university of Leeds. He then moved to Rotherham Foundation NHS Trust where he became the clinical lead and completed an Master of Science in Advanced Practice, also at the University of Leeds. In November 2017 Peter left the NHS to run his private practice from Thornbury and Claremont Hospitals. So for more information on the Hearing Aid Dispenser services that Peter Byrom provides, or should you require an hearing aid, contact Peter today.

Hearing Aid Fine Tuning In The Technological Age.

Do you have a hearing aid that just doesn’t quite work for you? Have you heard stories of hearing aids not sounding as they should and being left in drawers or on the mantelpiece instead of being used? Then read on.

Verification is a term used to describe a process of measuring a hearing aid to ensure that the output meets a prescription target. Real Ear Measures are a method of undertaking verification.

Peter Byrom has always advocated verification of hearing aid prescription with the use of Real Ear Measures. Research consistently shows that the results in terms of speech understanding are far superior to using a manufacturers suggested hearing aid settings.

Undertaking a Real Ear Measure involves placing athin silicone tube microphone into the ear canal and measuring the hearing aid output. The hearing aid can then be adjusted to meet the target for that specific ear AND hearing loss. This can be a fiddly and time consuming technique which is one of the reasons it is rarely performed in the majority of hearing aid provision.

The process however has now been made more accurate and faster than ever before through major investment and collaborative working between Phonak, a hearing aid manufacturer, and GN Otometrics, a supplier of hearing aid verification equipment.

Would you like the assurance that your hearing aid is set correctly? Are you looking for a hearing aid solution but are not sure where to seek the best advice? Arrange your appointment with Pete now

A recent real ear measurement.

The top dotted pink line indicates the loudest level to which the hearing aid should not go above. The thin solid pink line indicates the loudest sound of the hearing aid. The green, purple, and orange thick dashed lines are the targets for loud sounds, speech sounds, and soft sounds respectively. The thin solid lines are the real measured output of the hearing aid. A good fit!
Shaded areas show that the whole speech spectrum is covered by the output of the hearing aid

Real Ear Measurement equipment in use.

How do Hearing Aids work?

Most types of hearing aids will work and function in a similar way, however the outcome will be different and will need to be different for each person. First, sound will be taken in through a miniature microphone, the sound will be converted into an electronic, digital signal. Next the signal will be processed, boosted and modified in order to meet the requirements of the user’s hearing loss and hearing needs. Finally a receiver, similar to a miniature loudspeaker, will send the processed sound through the type of ear fitting, this will be appropriate to the type of hearing system.

As a Hearing Aid Dispenser, when testing your hearing Peter Byrom will discuss with you whether and what type of hearing aid is going to help both the quality of your hearing and your lifestyle. More importantly, if you have hearing loss in both ears, as a lot of people do, you should expect to use two hearing aids, one hearing aid will almost always be inadequate.

What are Digital Hearing Aids?

Should you choose a private service like Peter Byrom’s, all new hearing aids will be digital, this means that they will be programmed to suit the needs of both your hearing loss and your lifestyle. While it may take time to get used to new hearing aids, you will probably need to have your hearing professional fine-tune and reassess your hearing aids once you have had some experience with them. It’s very normal for changes to be made after fitting as everyone is different and their requirements will be different too, as a Hearing Aid Dispenser, Peter Byrom will fit your hearing aid on a personalised basis, he finds that patient’s will receive the best quality from their hearing aid this way.

When it comes to digital hearing aids, they all have different settings that are suitable for different environments, such as for groups, one to one conversations, in a quiet room or in noisier places. Peter Byrom will also explain all of your options when it comes to fitting your hearing aid, it’s important that they meet all of your individual needs.

How do I choose the right Hearing Aid?

While there are a range of hearing aid systems available, it’s important that you choose the right one for you and your needs, with this in mind, the extensive range of options means that you will find a hearing aid that suits your requirements. There are a lot of things to consider, this includes choosing a good Audiologist and Hearing Aid Dispenser like Peter Byrom, he will recommend a range of hearing aids that will suit your hearing loss and your lifestyle. What’s more is, when you choose a private service, like Peter Byrom’s he will be able to provide you with a bigger range of fitting, sizes and technical features. Some providers may have arrangements with particular manufacturers, however Peter Byrom will offer you a range of hearing aids that are based on both your personal needs and preferences.

Adjusting to your new Hearing Aids

Our experience has shown that it can take around 3 months to get used to new hearing aids, what you experience will all depend on your hearing loss, your lifestyle and how much you will wear your hearing aids.

Your brand may begin to register sounds that it may not have heard for a while, so this may feel overwhelming and be tiring when it comes to hearing new noises. As you carry on using your new hearing aids, you brain should learn to recognise the new sounds and they will start to become more acceptable, it’s essential that you keep going and should you need to, feel free to ask for support, when you choose Peter Byrom as your Hearing Aid Dispenser, he can always be on hand to support your needs and requirements. It’s also important that you talk about your expectations with your Audiologist and Hearing Aid Dispenser when it comes to your hearing aids. When you choose Peter Byrom, he will be able to provide you with all of the advice you need as well as the best techniques for getting used to your hearing aids.

The Benefits of Hearing Aids

When it comes to hearing aids, while they won’t totally perfect your hearing, they will help to make sounds much louder and clearer, as well as reducing the impact that hearing loss can have on your life.

Having a hearing aid can:

  • Help you to hear everyday sounds more clearly, such as the doorbell and phone
  • Improve your ability to hear speech
  • Help to make you feel more confident when it comes to talking to people and also make it easier for you to follow conversations in many different environments
  • Help you to enjoy listening to music and the TV, at a volume that’s comfortable for those around you

It’s also important to remember that hearing aids will only help if you still have some hearing left, so it’s important that you don’t put off getting help should your hearing get worse.


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While there are a large variety of types, designs and technical features, hearing aids can all be described as small, wearable electronic devices that will enable a person to hear sounds better, as well as understand speech more clearly, this will provide an overall improvement in communication ability. 

As an accredited Hearing Aid Dispenser in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Peter Byrom is professional and should you be suffering from poor hearing or require some support in that area, he will provide you with a service from a highly trained professional. He will ensure that you receive a fast, high quality, responsive and efficient service. For more information make sure that you contact Peter Byrom today.

It’s important that when choosing a new hearing aid, you don’t just consider your hearing and its requirements, but also how your new hearing aid will affect your lifestyle and quality of life. As a professional hearing aid dispenser when you choose Peter Byrom’s services, he will explain all of your options to you when it comes to fitting your hearing aid, it’s important that they meet all of your individual needs.

At Peter Byrom when it comes to hearing aid pricing, we offer a large range of solutions and heating aids to suit your needs, all of our hearing aids are priced differently, so the overall cost will depend on your preferences and requirements. For more information, contact Peter Byrom today for more information.

On average, the lifespan of hearing aids tends to be estimated anywhere from three to seven years. This will depend on the style and some may also last longer. In-the-ear hearing aids will last from around four to five years, while behind-the-ear hearing aids have a five to six year lifespan.

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